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Preparing to Write Your Essay

One of the keys to writing an effective essay is to make the proper preparations before you start to actually write the essay. And after that you can use our essay editing serviceA little preparation can have a big effect on the final result. The following essay writing tips concern writing preparation:

  • Analyze the writing prompt: When you are given an essay assignment there is some form of prompt telling you what the essay should be about. It is important that you understand exactly what it is you are supposed to write about. An essay that doesn’t address the assigned topic has failed, regardless of how well written it is.
  • Have a writing plan: Nothing too fancy is required. A writing plan is an outline of how you intend to structure your essay. It will keep you focused and keep your essay from wandering off topic. It also helps ensure you include all of your major points
  • Have a thesis statement that can be clearly stated in one sentence. The thesis statement states the position you are taking on a topic. If you your thesis can’t be stated in one sentence it probably needs work
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Essay Writing Tips

Once you have made your preparations it is time to actually write your essay. The following essay writing tips should be kept in mind when writing the essay:

  • Be specific when you write: Vague or general statements make your essay less effective and do little to support your position. Be specific and provide examples to support statements.
  • Use active voice: Active voice sounds stronger and is more interesting than passive voice.
  • Use your best point first: When you provide the points that support your thesis statement begin with the most important point, followed by the second most important point, and ending with the least important.
  • First draft is for you: As you write your first draft, the most important thing is to make your points and say what you have to say. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar at this stage. Trying to edit as you go can interrupt the flow of ideas. You can come back and clean it up later.

Essay writing skills are developed over time and with practice. If you encounter difficulties writing an essay that are beyond your current skill level, our Singapore essay writing service can help.

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