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Preparing to Write an Education Essay

There are a number of topics that students are often assigned to write on that come up more often than others. One of those topics is education. Whether you are a student in Singapore, England or the United States there is a good chance that you will be asked to write an education essay. Education is a popular topic when students are asked to submit an essay sample for university application. Whether you are writing an essay on education or some other topic, there are some preparations you must make before writing the actual essay:

  • Determine a focus for your essay: Education is a very broad topic. It should be narrowed down to one aspect of education that can be covered in an essay. High school math has become too easy is a narrower aspect of education
  • Research your topic: Once you have narrowed the topic to an aspect of education that is more manageable, research the topic area
  • Develop a thesis: This is the position you are taking on the topic. Generally, by the time you have researched a topic you can take a stance. “Half of all graduating high school students lack the necessary math skills for college” is an example of a thesis statement.
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Writing the Education Essay

The following are the basic essay writing tips and steps you will take when writing your education essay:

  1. First draft: The first draft of the essay will consist of the following:
    • First paragraph/Introduction: The first paragraph of the essay tells the reader what you will be writing about and briefly introduces the main points you will cover. The last sentence of the first paragraph will be your thesis statement. It should clearly state the argument you are making.
    • Body: The body is everything between the introduction and the conclusion. A body of three paragraphs is pretty standard. Each paragraph makes a point that supports your thesis statement. The first sentence of each paragraph states the point. The next sentences explain your point, give evidence to support it, and show how the point relates back to your thesis.
    • Conclusion: Basically restates the introduction and summarizes your argument
  2. Revise the first draft: During the revision process you are checking to see if the essay makes sense. Are your ideas logically presented, are the sentences clear and easy to understand and issues to do with readability.
  3. Editing: During the editing process you check for things such as spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation and other mechanical errors.

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