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Singapore is a small vibrant country, which is known not only for its tourism but also for its educational institutions. The nation is developing rapidly, and the economy is getting stronger day by day. A lot of students want to get admission in the universities of Singapore because of high standards of education. Local and foreigner students take advantage of essay writing service Singapore, as sometimes it is not possible for them to complete the writing assignments due to their busy schedule.

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Capstone Paper: Why You Need to Write It?

You may be looking for capstone paper help in Singapore and wondering what is the purpose of writing this paper? Well, it serves many purposes. A capstone paper is a paper, which you are supposed to write at the end of graduate or undergraduate degree. The majority of the institutions require their students to write it as the compulsory requirement for their degree completion. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, students study different subject and theoretical material during their course of study. They do proper research and apply their knowledge to solve a common problem. This research in written form is the capstone project. It reflects the understanding of students about the ideas and concepts, he learned during his current degree. Secondly, it improves and polishes the writing skills of the students. Moreover, it also let them experience the practical aspects of doing research. So, capstone paper is an important document and need to be done carefully.

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Capstone Singapore: The Basic Structure

When we talk about capstone Singapore, it has a basic structure. However, few sections may vary from institution to institution. Here is the basic structure of a capstone paper.

  • Abstract: This is the brief summary of the whole research. A very brief introduction, methodology, your findings and recommendations in just a few lines or half a page.
  • Introduction: In this section, you introduce your research. What it is all about? What is the problem and why it needs to be solved?
  • Problem statement: Here to clearly state the problem on which you are going to work, in a sentence or two.
  • Literature review: In this section, you review the previously available literature and connect your present work with that.
  • Methods: You describe your research methods and procedures.
  • Timeline: How long it will take to complete the project.
  • Objectives: What are your objects, when you are conducting this research.
  • Results: Show your results as a table or graphs.
  • Discussion: You discuss your results in connection with the previous literature.
  • Conclusion: What you have concluded after the completion of your paper.
  • References: Complete reference list of literature you cited to support your research.
  • Appendix: Any extra material used like a questionnaire or details of any specific procedure used.

This is the basic structure of capstone assignment Singapore, you can ask your teacher if there is some change.

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Writing a Capstone: Main Difficulties

Capstone paper can be the toughest thing in your educational career. You have to be careful about different aspects and when you are doing it the first time, things can be even more difficult. Here we are discussing the main problems associated with the capstone paper.

  • Topic selection: The problem starts with the selection of the topic. Students have no idea about the topic which is practical and could be completed in the defined time period.
  • Time duration: Most of the students give students the last two semesters for the capstone project. But they have to take the other regular courses as well. So, the majority of the students cannot complete their capstone on time.
  • Literature review: It is considered as the soul of the project, but students find it really difficult to find relevant references.
  • References: Proper Referencing is very important, but it is very difficult to write them properly.
  • Formatting: Formatting of the capstone project is not only difficult but time taking too.

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Capstone Singapore: Main Universities in Country

We have experienced writers, who had written capstone papers for all the main universities of Singapore. Here we are discussing them briefly.

  • SUSS: Singapore University of social sciences is one of the largest universities in the country and an autonomous institution. Capstone project SUSS is taught as course and examined by the supervisor and examiner. 40% is the passing percentage for the capstone.
  • NUS: The National University of Singapore is one of the oldest universities in Singapore. It’s a research university, which encourages its students to do research in different fields. NUS capstone project is done by the team of three to five students. It is of 4 credits weight.
  • SMU: Singapore Management University is the third largest university in the country. Located in the middle of the city, it is a highly ranked university. Previous SMU capstone project is available on the university website.

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